2015 Annual General Meeting Summary

Thank you to all the wonderful supporters, volunteers, and member agency partners who attended the Ottawa Food Bank’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday, January 26.

The meeting began with Ottawa Food Bank’s Executive Director, Michael Maidment, and  Chair of the Board, Diane Morrison, welcoming everyone to the AGM and emphasizing the important work everyone in attendance does for the community.

“I must tell you, it is an honour to work with all you sitting here before me,” says Morrison. “You are our heroes in the community.”

“To those of you here today who are member agencies of the Ottawa Food Bank, thank you for your partnership. Together we can do so much more as a team than we can alone.” says Maidment. “To those of you who are volunteers – you are a force, over 3,000 strong, who allow our organization to accomplish what would otherwise be impossible. Thank you.”

Natalie Evens, Treasure of the Ottawa Food Bank’s Board of Directors, was happy to announce that the Ottawa Food Bank achieved a surplus in revenue of $409,700. These funds will all go back into programs to help provide for the community.

Several members of the Board were re-elected and we welcomed new Board members Sarah Curry, Ab Feinstein, and Penny Reedie.

The Keynote Address by Bruce A Heyman, US Ambassador to Canada, was a message of motivation, inspiration, and thanks.

“I’m honoured to be here and hear about how hard you all work to get the food to the people who need it,” says Ambassador Heyman. “These are no small success stories.”

The Ambassador closed his remarks with a congratulatory message to those helping others in the community. “As we just celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. last week in the US, I think it’s most fitting to leave you with one of his more famous quotes, ‘Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?’ So congratulations to you. You have an excellent answer!”

A big thank you to our member agencies, volunteers, and supporters for another successful year. Thank you for all you do to at the Ottawa Food Bank and in our community.


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