A FRESH new partnership with Strathmere

Thank you to Strathmere for their commitment to healthy, fresh, and organic foods.

For the last 5 or 6 years, Strathmere has been serving their guests a variety of items from their own organic garden, which works within their philosophy of “fresh, local, and seasonal”.

This year, Strathmere has taken it upon themselves to include the Ottawa Food Bank in this project, and has allocated a plot of their garden to grow fresh squash to donate to our Community Harvest Program. With their large field and growing knowledge, Strathmere is confident they’ll be able to grow and donate a large quantity to the Ottawa Food Bank.

There may also be an opportunity for the Ottawa Food Bank to glean from their current garden.

We are so appreciative of this new initiative from Strathmere, and we look forward to building the relationship further over time.

Thank you!


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