A successful Tenant Landlord Food Drive

Turns out 13 isn’t unlucky after all!

Every year, for the last 13 years, residential communities across the city come together for the Tenant Landlord Food Drive.

Collectively, the 166 participating buildings donated  a combined total of 73,600 pounds of food! Throughout the week, there’s even a chance that number will get even higher as more donations for the food drive trickle in.

We, once again,  owe a HUGE thank you to Rogers Communications (475 Richmond Road) for donating their kindness, time, and trucks. Employees of Rogers went around to all 166 participating buildings to pick up the food donations and deliver them directly to our warehouse. Thank you!

A big thank you to the Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization and the along with the following 17 property management companies for all their coordination and support:

  • Homestead
  • IPT Investments Inc.
  • District Reality
  • Minto
  • Village Millcraft
  • Taggart Realty Management Inc.
  • Globe General
  • Capital Properties Management
  • CLV Group
  • Paramount Properties Management
  • Timbercreek Asset Management
  • Arnon Development
  • Vertica Resident Services
  • The Regional Group
  • Realstar
  • Osgoode Properties
  • Rio Vista

Thank you to everyone who participated and donated, and thank you to the volunteers who played a big role in collection and coordination.








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