A wonderful memorial BBQ

Thank you, once again, to the family and friends of late Fred Wong for hosting a wonderful BBQ in support of the Ottawa Food Bank

This BBQ is held on an annual basis to commemorate Fred and his generosity in his community. Fred was a long-time supporter of the Ottawa Food Bank and would often host BBQs in support of the cause. After he passed in 2008, those close to him decided to keep the tradition going.

This year’s BBQ raised $6,370, plus $50 in gift certificates, and 100 pounds of food! 

Last year, with the money raised at previous Fred Wong BBQs we were able to purchase a new van, which was appropriately named The Freddie.

Thank you to Farm Boy for contributing a beautiful fruit gift basket to the event, and also a big thank you to Maria Pierre-Noel and Claire Brodie from the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club for continuing to host the annual event and always putting on a wonderful meal.

Thank you to all involved in this event. We truly appreciate your support in the fight against community hunger.

IMG_3669IMG_3677IMG_3672Farm Boy Gift for FW 2014 Dinner


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