AGM Summary

Thank you to all the wonderful supporters, volunteers, and member agency partners who toughed the cold, and joined us at our Annual General Meeting on Monday, January 20th.

The meeting began with the Chair of the Board, Diane Morrison, welcoming everyone to the meeting and making mention of the importance of everything they, as member agency partners and supporters, do for those who are hungry in Ottawa.

The Ottawa Food Bank’s Executive Director, Michael Maidment, also took to the stage and spoke about what this past year has looked like, and what it has been like for him joining the Ottawa Food Bank team. He also spoke about the importance of everyone’s role in the fight against community hunger.

“We all work together,” says Maidment.  “One doesn’t exist without the other. We wouldn’t exist and be able to do what we do if it weren’t for all of you, our member agency partners.”

Past Chair, Michael G. Adams, said thank you and good bye to long-time supporter and Board member, Larry Mohr, as he steps away from the Board of Directors. Larry has been on the Board of Directors for the Ottawa Food Bank for 18 years, and has helped us greatly along the way.

Members of the Board who stand for election were voted to remain on the Board, and we welcomed our new affiliate Board member, Gwen Bouchard, Executive Coordinator at Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard.

The Keynote Address by Dr. Jeff Turnbull, Chief of Staff at The Ottawa Hospital and one of the founders of the Inner City Health Project for the homeless in Ottawa, was inspirational and an eye-opener as he made members of the audience realize just how important their role is in the lives of those who are touched by poverty. Dr. Turnbull argues that those working in social services can have more of a positive impact on the health of people living in poverty than the actual medical industry. Thank you for your inspirational words, Dr. Turnbull.

A big thank you to our member agencies, volunteers, and supporters for another successful year. Thank you for all you do to at the Ottawa Food Bank and in our community.

For more information about the Ottawa Food Bank’s past year, please refer to the 2012-13 Fiscal Year in Review.



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