Amazing Examples of Generosity

Tomas and his sister Alexia visited the Ottawa Food Bank to donate two over-flowing bags and a plastic bin filled with food!

A couple of years ago, on Tomas’s sixth birthday, he decided he wanted to ask his friends to bring donations for those in need rather than presents for himself. With his eighth birthday having been a few days ago, he’s keeping that generous spirit alive. For three birthdays in a row, Tomas has been visiting the Ottawa Food Bank with his family to make his birthday donation.

Tomas, a big thank you to you, your family, and your friends. People like you are truly making a difference in the Ottawa community. Keep up the good work!


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  1. Tomas and Alexia I know where you got your generosity from. I am a friend of your grandmother Mona’s and she has always been a helper to anyone in need. You have inherited her generous spirit and it will earn you many friends!Not many boys your age would give up their birthday gifts. You are truly an exceptional person. Please say hello to your wonderful mother and father too!

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