Asking the right people the right questions with our new advisory group

Ottawa Food Bank’s Research Technical Advisory Group (RTAG)

The Ottawa Food Bank has been exploring ways we can collaborate to help drive innovation, research, and change in food security.

We recently shaped and developed our strategic direction for the next three years, and we saw an opportunity to work with people in research and data-based fields to help guide our decision-making processes. As we work on upcoming projects we want to ensure we have guidance from an invested and knowledgeable team to assist us along the way.

The RTAG team brings a broad range of expertise in related disciplines which will make certain the Ottawa Food Bank makes evidence-based decisions and certify that our programs produce valuable outcomes.

After the first RTAG meeting, the Ottawa Food Bank has garnered a new perspective on various areas of vulnerability, food security, and health, including the “first 1,000 days of life” and the long lasting developmental impact on children living with hunger.

With this team, we are in the position to ask some very real and difficult questions to help achieve long term outcomes. We hope this type of perspective will help us assess how to provide the proper support at the right time in people’s lives.

Who is involved?

  • Dr. Luz Maria De-Regil, Vice-President of Global Technical Services, Nutrition International
  • Dr. Elizabeth Krisjansson, Full Professor, Centre for Research in Education and Community Services, School of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa
  • Shawn Pegg, Director of Policy and Research, Food Banks Canada
  • Jephtee Elysee, Analyst Policy Research, City of Ottawa
  • Michael Maidment, Executive Director, Ottawa Food Bank
  • Natalie Spooner-Bourgogne, Programs & Planning Manager, Ottawa Food Bank
  • Anne Millar MSc, Programs Development & Evaluation Coordinator, Ottawa Food Bank

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