Dealing with Ottawa Tornado Aftermath

Following the devastating tornado on Friday, September 21, many communities have been affected by the storm. Several Ottawa Community Housing neighbourhoods are still without power and food.

Many people in our community who are already vulnerable will have lost what little food they had as a result of continued loss of power. The Ottawa Food Bank mobilized immediately to get ready-to-eat food like bread, peanut butter, snacks, and produce to these communities.

Please give today so we can purchase needed food to provide to these communities – as well as our community food programs.

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  1. Hi.So sorry for the latest Tornado.
    My name is Andrew Wrobel.
    I’m 37 year’s old&would love to help anyone with my 30 year’s of experience chainsaw work.
    I don’t know where the proper website is.

    1. That is wonderful! It may be helpful to put your offer out on Facebook or Twitter – or perhaps walk around a near by neighbourhood and see if anyone is out and in need of assistance. Thank you for your kindness.

  2. I have diapers (size 2 and 3) and wipes that I would like to donate to Tornado victims if needed. Please let me know where I can bring these.

    1. Thanks wonderful – thank you! These donations are always needed as they’re among the most expensive items.
      You can bring them to us here at 1317 Michael Street, or drop them off in one of our donation bins at a grocery store near you. Thank you very much for your kindness.

  3. Andre get in touch with the closest school to Dunrobin hit hardest whoch is west carleton secondary school they are a center point for volunteers and donations of,help

  4. Are you accepting food donations (not just financial)? Was going to canvas my neighbourhood and fill my car with donations

    1. We certainly are! Thank you so much for your willingness to coordinate that.
      When you’re ready to drop off your donations, we are located at 1317 Michael Street and we’re open Monday – Friday, 8AM to 4PM. Thank you very much, Jordana.

  5. Are children’s clothes needed??
    I have girls and boys clothes available sizes newborn to 3T! Comes from smoke free and outside pets home!

    1. Hi there Daniele,
      Thank you for your question. I would recommend you reach out to the Salvation Army about their clothing needs. They would be better equipped to help you make that donation.
      Thank you so much for your support and generosity to the community.

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