Food Prices Up From 2010


As the cost of many day to day essentials – such as gas  – go up in price, so does the cost of food. After all bills are paid it is sometimes a struggle to be able to pay for a trip to the grocery store; even more so now that foods, many healthy foods in particular, have gone up in price.

Ottawa Public Health has looked into the change in price for selected items in a Nutritious Food Basket* over the last year. While a few items, like yogurt, have gone down in price items such as broccoli have gone up by as much as 58 per cent. (See the full list)

While not everything on this list provided by Ottawa Public Health are items that can be donated to the Ottawa Food Bank at your local grocery store, please keep healthy non-perishable  items such as pasta, peanut butter, tuna and canned fruits and vegetables,  in mind when donating.

Or make a secure online donation – with the Ottawa Food Bank’s buying power, every $1 donated can be turned into $5 worth of food.

*The Nutritious Food Basket (NFB) is a survey tool that measures the basic cost of healthy eating for males and females of different age groups.  The NFB is calculated from the price of foods that are reflective of Canadian eating patterns and buying habits. It also represents current nutrition recommendations from Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide.


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