April 25 – 30

Join Collab Space for a week of learning and fun concentrating specifically on what is important for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Learn simple strategies to improve your business and YOU! When you attend you can learn great business tools like:

  • Getting that work/ life balance everyone is looking for
  • Boost your productivity to save time and money
  • Learn the three optimal steps for closing more sales

This #FoodForThOTT Community Series is a week that can’t be missed!

The Ottawa Food Bank is honoured to be a part of the week, as entrance “fees” are either a non-perishable or  $20 donation.

To attend, register today!
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Schedule of Events:




Monday, April 25th  @2pm Rob Campbell                                     Create customers for life, one relationship at a time
A step-by-step process for developing a loyal and profitable client base. Take home an action plan for today.
Monday, April 25th  @6pm Kerry Lehmann
Interaction vs Transaction Workshop
Kerry will provide tips and advice on maximizing being a giver in business relationships. He will challenge your ideologies gleaned from ‘traditional’ business approaches and concepts. You will come away with a ‘shift’ in your thinking and approach to growing your business.
Tuesday, April 26th  @2pm Mark Cawley
Small Business Start-Up Funding Tips
Learn fund your startup on a budget. Leave with a deeper understanding about funding options in Ottawa. We’ll even teach you about the application process.
Tuesday, April 26th  @6pm Adam Nesrallah
Build Self Confidence through Self Awareness
This is an energetic interactive presentation. That’s what this segment is all about: self-awareness. Adam will demonstrate the techniques and tools you need to develop insight into self and achieve greater self-confidence.
Wednesday, April 27th  @2pm Will Hryrewich
How to cause success – Success based reality frameworks for individuals and businesses
The study of cause-and-effect in complex systems demonstrates a universal framework for describing the world around us. With this framework, we can understand how the environments that our business operate in are organized, and how to navigate them. Learn to adapt and design solutions to new problems with an agility and confidence.
Wednesday, April 27th  @4pm Emile Salem
3 Simple Steps to Closing More Sales
Sales made simple! Emile Salem will discuss his tried and true techniques for making people the best part of the sales process. His uncomplicated approach to building warmth and comfort into your sales process will inspire you at your next meeting.
Wednesday, April 27th  @6pm Michelle Schafer
Get Balance – Boost Productivity!
Do you feel overwhelmed by emails and deliverables? Are you feeling “swallowed” by your work, and feeling like you are running in circles, not being productive? Michelle will discuss why a sense of balance can elude entrepreneurs, warning signs not to ignore, and how to get back in the driver’s seat for your life – and your business.
Thursday, April 28th  @2pm Lucia D. Harper
Monetizing your Corporate Culture
Lucia will map out the components of corporate culture and the ROI. Learn how values definition is the foundation of growth and profit development. This universally applicable business philosophy streamlines Succession Planning, deliverable development, sales, employee retention and process design.
Thursday, April 28th  @6pm Tony Ricard
Self-talk: How it Impacts Your Decision Cycle
Everyone has that inside voice. We play both roles, angel and devil, reliving experiences and playing out theories on a loop. Why? What is it that changes a ‘yes’ to a ‘no’ even before we engage in negotiations? Self-talk can be your secret weapon, if you know how to use it.
Friday, April 29th  @2pm Majeed Mogharreban
How to 10X Your Price and 10X Your Sales
Confidently navigate a sales meeting and close the deal. This. Will. Change. EVERYTHING. Majeed will show you how to select the best clients to work with and give you the three simple steps to sell your services at top rates and allow you to bring your unique gift to the world at the highest level of excellence.
Friday, April 29th  @6pm Alfonso Cuadra
Set and Achieve any Goal in Life or Business
Learn the 3 steps to live the life of your dreams by:
• discovering individual beliefs and influences and how to re-frame negative thoughts to turn feelings into actions.
• learning to find purpose and become unstoppable
• design the life you want to live
• learn how to overcome obstacles in your life.
Saturday, April 30th  @3pm Jarrod Goldsmith
How to Network like a Pro
It doesn’t have to be awkward. In this workshop with Jarrod Goldsmith, you will learn valuable networking skills that will help you to realize the true value of networking. Learn how getting to know people improves your opportunity to work on client development and builds your business network.

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