Alliance to End Homelessness calls for increased availabilty of low-rent housing

This month, the Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa (ATEHO) released their first of four progress reports on the state of homelessness in Ottawa. The municipal data analyzed underscores the dire state of Ottawa’s homeless crisis, and signals its growth.

Rationale from ATEHO:

Since 2005, the Alliance to End Homelessness has produced an annual Progress Report on Ending Homelessness in Ottawa to assess our community’s progress by comparing annual change in a number of areas.

In 2018, the City of Ottawa began an annual reporting process to monitor progress in delivering the 2014-2024 Plan on Housing and Homelessness. The Alliance will be providing review and commentary on the progress as documented by the City through the release of four papers in 2019/2020 on the following areas:

  1. Rental Housing Affordability

  2. Community Planning

  3. Systems Level Approach

  4. Homelessness Prevention

The Issue:

A critical problem in reducing homelessness is a very small, and shrinking stock of lower rent housing affordable to those on very low income.

For a snapshot of what homelessness currently looks like in our city, and for the ATEHO’s recommendations, please read the report (links below).


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