Thanks for Giving generously!

Thank you to everyone who donated during our Thanks for Giving Food Drive on the Friday and Saturday of the Thanksgiving long weekend.

This annual October food drive is always our first food drive after the summer months, a time when donations slow dramatically. For that reason, this food drive is always so important to us and the community as we enter the busy holiday season and begin to restock our shelves.

Over the course of the two days, you donated 30,055 pounds of food!

Thank you to our volunteers who helped to encourage shoppers become donors. These food drives are most successful when we have present and dedicated volunteers – so we thank you for your generosity with your time.

Finally, thank you very much to our incredible grocery store partners. We are incredibly grateful for Loblaws, Superstore, and Metro during this food drive. The managers and staff are fantastic and it is clear they truly want the food drive to be as successful as possible. Thank you for your amazing continued support.

Amazing examples of our
community’s generosity.

THANK YOU for helping us support our neighbours this holiday season.


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