You Feed the Need: Fall 2019 Newsletter

Read how your support of the Ottawa Food Bank ensures people have enough food to get through their toughest days.

Throughout the summer, your support helped us provide vital and healthy produce to children who went to summer day camps across the city.

“It really means a lot because it helps us. a lot. If I didn’t have the help, I would struggle. My kids, they eat so many fruits and vegetables at camp. And having fresh fruits and vegetables there makes it easier for them and us to eat enough. Once we do groceries, that’s it. There’s not often money left to get more fruits and vegetables later, between pay periods.” – Renata (Mother)

Also in this edition of You Feed the Need:

  • There are Tough Days Ahead
  • Keeping Kids Fed This Summer
  • Your Gifts in Action: Tornado Update 1 Year Later
  • Healthy Kids = Happy Moms

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Fall 2019 Newsletter

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