You tricked and you treated with Mayor Jim Watson

This year’s Trick or Treat with the Mayor event was fantastic! The costumes, the generosity, and enthusiasm made for a memorable family-friendly evening in support of our Baby Basics Program.

As witches and Minions and super heroes started to join us at City Hall, our donation bins began to overflow.

In the span of just three hours, trick or treaters donated an incredible 1,210 pounds of diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, and non-perishables! They also made room in their pockets for candy by emptying their pocket change and donating an additional $1,125! THANK YOU!

Thank you to the City staff and Mayor Jim Watson for your continued support through events such as this one. The effort you put in to ensure this is a fun time for everyone is outstanding.

Thank you also to all the volunteers. Volunteers collected donations, dressed in costume, entertained the kids, did crowd control, and so much more. This event would not be possible without you.  THANK YOU.


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