Gees Bees beehive to benefit the Ottawa Food Bank


Ottawa Food Bank all abuzz about new
partnership with Gees Bees Honey Company

Gees Bees Honey Company has always been committed to helping the honeybee population, and is now focusing some attention on helping hungry people in Ottawa as well.

With the support of a grant from JustChange Ottawa, Gees Bees has teamed up with the Ottawa Food Bank and installed a beehive on the our Community Harvest farming project.

[blockquote]“JustChange Ottawa provides micro grants to help accelerate innovative projects that benefit our community. We’re excited to see that our grant to Gees Bees Honey Company has contributed to this partnership between them and the Ottawa Food Bank, which we’re sure will lead to great things for the community both on and off the farm.”  – Louise Grace, JustChange Ottawa[/blockquote]

The honeybees who call this new beehive “home” will help pollinate the Ottawa Food Bank’s Community Harvest crops and will also produce honey that Gees Bees Honey Company will sell to benefit the food bank.

[blockquote]“Honeybees pollinate at least a third of the food that we eat. Our hope is that our donated beehive, thanks to the JustChange Ottawa grant, will help produce more fruits and vegetables at the Ottawa Food Bank’s farm.” – Marianne Gee, Co-Founder, Gees Bees Honey Company[/blockquote]

The hive houses between 40,000 and 50,000 bees. With the help of these honeybees, the Ottawa Food Bank’s Community Harvest Program will continue to grow fresh fruits and vegetables for people in need across Ottawa. Last season, the Community Harvest Program grew and distributed over 101,700 lbs of produce.

[blockquote]“The summer months are tough for the Ottawa Food Bank as donations typically slow. We are thrilled that we now have bees on our side, helping to increase the amount of fresh, quality fruits and vegetables we can provide to those who are hungry in our community. We are grateful to JustChange Ottawa and Gees Bees for helping to feed our neighbours.” – Michael Maidment, Executive Director of the Ottawa Food Bank[/blockquote]

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