Getting to know Michael Maidment

Q & A with the new Executive Director

Now that Michael Maidment has been with the Ottawa Food Bank for almost three weeks, we thought this was a good time for all our amazing supporters to get to know him a bit better. We asked him everything from what caught his eye about the Ottawa Food Bank, to what he’s currently listening to on his iPod.

What caught your eye about the Ottawa Food Bank?

I have always had a lot of respect for the Ottawa Food Bank and the essential work being done throughout the city every day. Having worked for a partner of the Ottawa Food Bank I’ve seen its successes  first hand.

The Ottawa Food Bank is among the most respected and effective charitable organizations in Ottawa and I really wanted to be a part of that success.

What do you listen to during your morning commute?

I’m a bit of a news geek so I cycle between CBC Radio One and CFRA.  Some mornings are music mornings so I listen to Live 88.5 or something on my old 80GB iPod Classic I carry around which has all the music I own on it. I have a really eclectic taste in music so it could be anything from Opera to Hip Hop.

What are you listening to on your iPod right now?

I can’t get enough of the new album by The Civil Wars and I’ve worn out the Imagine Dragons album this summer.  I’ve also been listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake and Drake lately.

What’s your favourite thing to do during the weekend and your days off?

I really look forward to time with family and friends over the weekend but I usually start off Saturday morning with a spinning class at the gym or a road bike ride followed by a trip to Starbucks.  I also love to play golf in the summer and we ski as a family every Sunday during the winter.

When you moved into your new office, what were a couple of the prized items you brought with you, and what do they mean to you?

I brought a piece of artwork that my kids created when they were little (our son Gabriel is 8 and daughter Emmanuelle is 11), a basketball signed by the Harlem Globetrotters who I adored as a kid and was lucky enough to meet a couple of years ago, a hockey puck I was given by US Ambassador Jacobson and photograph taken with Governor General David Johnston.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

I’m most looking forward to joining the amazing team at the Ottawa Food Bank as we prepare to mark the 30th anniversary of the OFB and helping the team continue to meet the growing need in the community.

Are you a sports fan? If so, what is your team?

I love golf, baseball, and, of course, hockey!  I cheer for the Senators and the Blue Jays but I have a secret love affair with the Washington Nationals.

If you could have dinner with anyone (deceased or alive) who would it be?

This is a really tough question and hard to narrow down.…how about I give you three names: Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, and Jimmy Fallon.

What is your favourite quote?

“I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.” Abraham Lincoln

What is the last book you read?

Inferno by Dan Brown.

What is one thing about you that you’d like the Ottawa Food Bank supporters to know?

I want our supporters to know that I am committed to the cause of ensuring that no one goes hungry in the City of Ottawa and I will do everything that I can in my new role to ensure that the Ottawa Food Bank can continue to meet the needs of those who need our assistance.

For more, read Michael’s interview with the Ottawa Sun


2 Responses

  1. Hello Michael,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you at “Heals For Meals” this fall.

    I am leading our Nordstrom Cares Committee Food Drive for the holidays. We have large donations arriving from our restaurant food suppliers (Cisco and ItalFoods), and collecting from our entire store.

    Our Committee of ten members would like to deliver our donation on Monday, December 9th at approximately 10:30-11 am and assist in stocking your shelves with our donation.

    Please get back to me at your earliest convenience to discuss our mission.

    1. Good morning – this sounds fantastic!Thank you so much for this support – it means so much to us and the community.
      Can I ask that you please send an email to The events team can help to make sure your donation is received and all is taken care of.
      Thank you again!

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