Heels for Meals to support crucial Baby Basics needs

The Ottawa Food Bank is honoured to be the beneficiary of Ottawa’s first Heels for Meals event hosted by Jamilah Taib Murray of Sakto Corporation.

Heels for Meals is a fundraiser in support of the Ottawa Food Bank’s Baby Basics Program, which provides costly baby food and supplies to struggling parents across the city. This support is vital to the Ottawa Food Bank’s operations, as 36 per cent of clients are children, with 17 per cent of them under the age of two.

Helping struggling parents and their babies is a crucial service that faced challenges for the Ottawa Food Bank in the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Soaring prices and increased demand meant we could not keep up with requests. In fact, baby items were our only product category that saw a price increase for every single item.  We purchased $110,803 worth of baby food and supplies, including 1,889 cases of baby formula, and 3,777 cases of diapers.  Yet we still could not keep up with demand.

Heels for Meals and the support of the community is crucial for the Baby Basics Program. This event is a great to come together and support our neighbours’ children, as it really does “take a village to raise a child”.

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