Holiday Food Drive 2017 Results Are In!


Holiday Spirit Was Alive and Well!

Thanks to your generosity, our volunteer food sorters in the warehouse have been working hard since the Holiday Food Drive began, checking, sorting, and boxing donations.

After a  slow start over Thanksgiving as far as donations go, our supporters showed incredible generosity and kindness during the rest of the holiday season.

Over the course of the Holiday Food Drive workplaces, classrooms, community groups, and teams raised a collective
total of $225,000 and more than 190,000 lbs. of food.

This food drive is critical to the Ottawa Food Bank as it restocks our shelves, and helps us provide for 38,400 people every month throughout the Winter and into the Spring. After the holidays are over, incoming monetary and food donations drop drastically – though the need for emergency food relief across the city remains the same.

Please know that your support over the holidays, and all year round, is not only appreciated by us, but also the 114 community food programs across city for whom we provide food. Most of all, your contribution is appreciated by the families and individuals who find themselves in a situation where they need to ask for help. These people are doing all they can to move beyond hunger – thank you for helping them take those steps.

Thank you to our friends from Dymon Self Storage and the 33 Service Battalion, Canadian Army Reserve Unit for their time, helping our already hard-working drivers, picking up donations from hundreds of locations across the city. THANK YOU!

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