Hunger Awareness Week (Sept. 18 – 22)


Think there isn’t hunger in Canada/Ottawa? Think again.

Hunger Awareness Week is a national campaign about raising awareness of the solvable problem of hunger in Ottawa and across the country.

There are approximately 4 million people across Canada who turn to a food bank, with over 41,500 people right here in Ottawa visiting a food program every month.

As we head into the holidays with an early Thanksgiving, we need to ensure people in Ottawa are talking about the issue and that we are all doing everything we can to help our neighbours move beyond hunger.

Here’s what YOU can do:

  • Make a secure online donation or give us a call at 613-745-7001 to make your donation over the phone
  • Check out our volunteer hub to see what volunteer information sessions or volunteer opportunities are available, and sign up today!
  • Participate in Tuesday’s THOUGHT BUBBLE social campaign (details below)
  • Spread the word. Talk to your colleagues and friends about hunger in our city.

Thought Bubble Social Campaign:

  • This is a ONE DAY social media campaign taking place on Tuesday, September 19th.
  • Post a photo of yourself sharing your thoughts on hunger. Hold up a thought bubble where you’ve written your thoughts on hunger in Ottawa or Canada.
  • Include the hashtag #HungerWeek and encourage your friends to do the same (include the hashtag, or it won’t get counted!)
  • For every Thought Bubble shared, Farm Credit Canada will donate meals to hungry Canadians

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