Loblaws Gift Cards: How to redeem, how to donate

The process is officially open for Canadians to redeem their $25 Loblaws gift cards

Loblaws is offering Canadians a $25 gift card as a result of overcharging for the cost of bread products in their stores and other grocery stores across Canada. To register to receive your gift card, and to read all the details about eligibility and terms and conditions, please go to

If you will benefit from this help with your groceries, we encourage you to register today. If you know anyone who may need help with groceries – please pass along the information.

Many people have contacted us asking if we can accept these gift cards as a donation. First of all, thank you kindly to our supporters for thinking of us – we truly appreciate it. Secondly, yes – we can accept these as donations.

Options for donating

1) Pass along your card to us

If you’ve already signed up for your gift card, you’re welcome to stop by or mail your gift card to the Ottawa Food Bank. If you’re still in the process of registering for it, you can put our address as the mailing address, and Loblaw Companies will mail the card to us directly.

Ottawa Food Bank
1317 Michael Street.
Ottawa ON
K1B 3M9

2) Accept your gift card, and make a monetary donation

We’ve seen a number of people online say they’ve signed up to get a gift card, and have made an equivalent donation to the Ottawa Food Bank. That is certainly an option. If you wish to donate money to us, you can do so online at

3) Use your gift card to purchase and donate food

Many people love the thought of donating their family’s favourite items. You know your family’s favourite will end up on the dinner table of another deserving family in need. Please feel free to purchase healthy non-perishables with your gift card, and place them in the donation bin at your local Loblaw location.

What we’ll do with the gift cards

We are touched by this movement to donate these cards. Depending on the number of cards we receive, we can use them in a few different ways. We will either use them directly for our food purchases, provide them to our member food programs for their food purchases, or see that they get provided directly to clients.



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  1. If individuals donate their gift cards to OFB or another registered charity, would the donation be tax deductible, as in eligible for an in kind charitable receipt? I am volunteer Treasurer at Dalhousie Food Bank, and do not have direct access to contact at CRA. And would like to know if your group has thoughts or concerns

    Lorraine Salvo

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