Matching Gift Challenge Attracts Stellar Donors

“Sometimes you forget how much the need is…”

When Kim and Dan Theriault visited the Ottawa Food Bank in person for a “Talk & Tour” last fall, they had a chance to hear for themselves who in our community needs emergency food and how they are being served. They also discussed the underlying issues of community hunger with Ottawa Food Bank CEO, Michael Maidment.

Kim and Dan are grandparents. They have enjoyed being close to family since they moved to Ottawa 4 years ago. Spending more time with family time is a source of joy for the couple, yet it also makes them want to help other families who struggle to provide young ones with the basic necessities like food, shelter and even diapers. Of the 38,400 people the Ottawa Food Bank serves each month, 35% of those are households with children.

This month Dan and Kim responded to the Ottawa Food Bank’s Spring Match Challenge with an incredible gift of $25,000.

“We were really impressed with the professionalism and heart of the Ottawa Food Bank team.” Kim says of the visit. “We really feel that our donations are being spent well.”

Coupled with the match from the Malhotra Family Foundation, the Theriault’s gift is now $50,000.  What’s more, the Ottawa Food Bank’s amazing buying power turns each donated dollar into $5 of food delivered to the community. That means Kim and Dan’s initial gift now provides $250,000 worth of food.

Summer is a powerful time to donate to the Ottawa Food Bank because once schools are closed, so are the breakfast and lunch programs they provide. Parents with low incomes often find it stressful to replace those free meals with affordable and healthful options.

If you would like to donate to the Ottawa Food Bank and take advantage of the Matching Gift Challenge, please make your donation by June 22. Donations are accepted online, by telephone at 613-745-7001, and by mail.

Thank you for your support of the Ottawa Food Bank and thank you Dan and Kim for responding so generously to the Matching Gift Challenge!



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