Mongol Rally 2013

Help Send Roman and Marie-Claude Packing!

The Mongol Rally 2013 is an event where participants drive from the U.K. to Mongolia in ridiculously small cars in an attempt to raise money for charity! The Rally takes place during the months of July and August.

Roman and Marie-Claude (a.k.a. the Canucklehead Hosers) have committed to pay for the whole adventure out of pocket, while asking for sponsorships and in-kind donations. They must raise a minimum of approximately $1,500 to go to charity (half to the charity chosen my the Rally organizers, Cool Earth, and half to the Ottawa Food Bank)  – but they are hoping to raise well over that, which they will donate to the Ottawa Food Bank!

If you want to help them with their crazy adventure in any way, please take a look at this PDF that has full details of the trip, including how you can be a sponsor or donor.

Keep up-to-date with the Canucklehead Hosers while they’re on their trip by reading their blog or visiting their Facebook.

If you have further questions, Roman and Marie-Claude welcome emails or phone calls at 613-859-7553

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