“My son just found $100 on the ground…”

Below is a wonderful story of how good luck can be turned into an important life lesson and wonderful generosity.

My son just found $100 on the ground. He was excited to keep it, but I suggested we could donate it to charity. He smiled and said that, while he wanted to keep it, donating it is a “pretty good idea”.

I suggested that we buy $100 worth of food and take it to the Ottawa Food Bank. He seemed excited about that, so I thought dropping it off at the actual Ottawa Food Bank would be more rewarding for my son than one of the grocery store red bins. I’m trying to show him that the good feelings you get from generosity are worth more than buying $100 worth of stuff for yourself.

We’ll come by next Monday morning before school!

Thank you very much for your generosity, and we’ll see you and your son soon!


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  1. Food security is an sad issue in Ottawa, with 8% of Ottawa residents worried that they will not have enough food and money to feed themselves and their families every month. Helping others feels good, a lesson your young son was lucky enough to be taught. I encourage everyone who is touched by this story to ‘pass it on’ and do a good food security deed. Giving is a gift in itself.

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