OPS helping women in need get sanitary hygiene products

For 28 days you can drop off sanitary hygiene products to help woman in need

Ottawa Police is partnering with Women Helping Women and the Ottawa Food Bank to collect sanitary hygiene products  for women in need.

May 28 is International Menstrual Hygiene Day, an annual awareness opportunity to challenge taboos and raise awareness about the need for good menstrual hygiene.

[blockquote] “Menstruation is a normal function that all women go through,” said Ottawa Police Constable Sylvie Reaney, who heads the group Women Helping Women.  “But it becomes a struggle for women in vulnerable circumstances to even get access to sanitary hygiene products.  We want to help make it easier for them.” [/blockquote]

How YOU can help

Drop off sanitary hygiene products at one of three participating Police Stations or at the Ottawa Food Bank.
Participating Police Stations include:

  • 3343 St. Joseph Blvd
  • 211 Huntmar Drive
  • 474 Elgin Street)
The campaign starts May 26 and runs for one period cycle, ending on June 23, 2016.

[blockquote] “Our supply of household products, which includes sanitary hygiene products, can run low as supporters don’t always know we accept these non-food items,” said Samantha Ingram of the Ottawa Food Bank.  “Since approximately 35% of our clients are women, this initiative is an excellent opportunity for us to collect these items and distribute them to women most in need.” [/blockquote]

Ottawa Police Ottawa FOod Bank Period Project


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    1. Good morning Lorraine,

      This is a campaign and post from 2016 – so unfortunately this exact event is not happening at this time. However, yes – we still accept hygiene products and menstrual products for people who menstruate. Thank you for wanting to support people in our community with this important need.

      You’re welcome to drop items off at an Ottawa Food Bank donation bin in an Ottawa-area grocery store near you!

      Thanks again!

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