Paying It Forward for the Holidays

This morning as we opened our doors for the day, someone popped in to make a donation. This donor had a story to tell and her story was all about paying it forward.

She lost a lot, as so many did, in September after the tornadoes flew through Ottawa and the surrounding area; she lost all of her food. The Ottawa Food Bank set up in her community and provided her with what she needed to get by and help restock her fridge after she threw away so much.

This donor is fortunate enough to have insurance. Her insurance came through and provided her with a cheque for the food she lost.

She was so grateful that the Ottawa Food Bank was there that day to help her and her community, and while she admits to not having a lot, she wanted to give back.

Today, she generously donated the entire amount she received for food from her insurance. She wanted to ensure we could be there for someone else, just as we were for her.



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