Share your BIG idea to help reduce hunger in Ottawa!

Do you have a big idea about helping to reduce hunger and improve access to healthy food in our community? Be a part of the Milk Crate Pitch’er Competition and potentially see your idea be developed!

pHacktory and the Kind Village are working together to discover the most audacious ideas from the community to challenge hunger and food insecurity. Whether you have a new super food recipe, a unique growing process, a processing technique that maximizes nutritional value, or something more fantastical that we haven’t even considered, we want to hear about it.

Everyone is invited to apply and share their ideas – charities, entrepreneurs, students, teachers… You will have 3 minutes to share your big idea, why and how it can help reduce hunger and food insecurity, and what you think you need to get this idea to scale across Canada!

​Presentations will be held on Sunday October 1 at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum (Experimental Farm) as part of the Feed the City, Feed Your Soul event. Presentations will take place between 1:00 and 6:00 p.m. but a time slot will be given to you ​in advance. Judges will award points for creativity, potential for impact, and crowd response to your pitch.

The winner(s) will receive special opportunities to work with incredible entrepreneurs who will help develop and scale your BIG idea. So, get your audacious ideas ready, and prepare yourself for the challenge of helping to tackle hunger across Canada and beyond! Go online to submit your idea today!


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