Thank You Blossom Park Giant Tiger!

The Giant Tiger at Blossom Park (2950 Bank St) just completed a store-wide food drive. Their employees and customers were challenged to purchase and donate 500 bags of non-perishable items. The prize for reaching the 500 bag mark was watching their store owner, Rod Fleming, in a onesie for a day! Well, the store and their customers really stepped up and raised 6,500 pounds of food for the Ottawa Food Bank.

Since the Blossom Park location is one of the top five food raisers amongst other Giant Tiger stores, in addition to to the food donation they also received a $1,000 in gift certificates to donate to the Ottawa Food Bank as well!

Amazing! Thanks to all the Giant Tiger employees and customers from the Blossom Park location. We can’t wait to see you in your onesie, Rod!

Thank you Giant Tiger!

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