Thank you, Ottawa

The staff team and Board at the Ottawa Food Bank would like to send out a heart-felt thank you to our donors and supporters.

Mid December, we realized we were low on donations and we decided to do something we haven’t had to do in recent history; we decided to send an urgent appeal to the generous people of Ottawa asking for their support.

The response was incredible! Supporters were calling and donating online immediately. People would drop by our Michael Street location and write a cheque on the spot because they heard on the news that we were in need. This response was very touching to say the least.

Also, as our Holiday Food Drive starts to come to a close, donations from that are still coming in too. Thank you to all the workplaces across the City who are participating in this annual food drive.

Because of all of you who supported us this holiday season, we are able to continue to strive for our vision that no one goes hungry in the Ottawa area. Because of you, there was food in more refrigerators and on more plates this Christmas. Because of you, we’re able to start 2014 off on solid ground. THANK YOU.




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