Thank You, Tim Hortons!

The Tim Hortons Food Drive has come to a close, and was once again a success thanks to the organization and coffee lovers, alike!

While donation boxes from a few Tim Hortons locations still need to be picked up, the brunt of the food has been collected and our totals are in!

This week-long food drive brought in an impressive 10,000 pounds of food, in addition to the recent Timbits Jamboree, which raised 2,500 pounds!

If those amounts aren’t generous enough, as a kick-off to the food drive, members of the Tim Hortons family came by the Ottawa Food Bank warehouse with six skids of food to donate weighing in a roughly 4,000 pounds!

The grand total from the efforts of Tim Hortons is 16,500 pounds of food and $1,367!

Thank you, Tim Hortons, for everything you do for the Ottawa Food Bank. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated.


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