Thank you Westboro Legion

Congratulations on your 65th Year

In celebration of the Westboro Legion’s 65th year, they donated $6,500 to various charities in their community. The Ottawa Food Bank was honoured to be selected as one of the 12 recipient charities, and humbled to be standing with other great non-profits including Operation Come Home, Max Keeping Foundation, and Children’s Wish Foundation to name a few.

We were even more honoured to be one of the charities to receive $1,000. Doug Cody, Branch President of the Westboro Legion, made an excellent point, one that can easily be looked over, when presenting the Ottawa Food Bank with their donation; he mentioned that charities who must have a fleet on the road require that extra amount of money. Thank you for recognizing this key point. The Ottawa Food Bank would not be able to get food out into our community if it wasn’t for our dedicated team of drivers, their trucks, and the gas in their tanks.

Beyond their generous monetary donation, the Westboro Legion also donated 13 packed bags of food, and will continue to do a food drive at their Richmond Street location into December.

Thank you for all you’ve done for the Ottawa Food Bank and your community!

Members from recipient charities



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