The Scouts, Metro, and Purolator make a GREAT team!

Thank you Scouts, Metro, and Purolator!

November 7th was the 26th Annual Scouts, Metro, and Purolator Food Drive across Ottawa.

This food drive is an amazing and unique production where the Scouts collect food and money from generous shoppers at Metro locations across the city. While this is happening there is another team of Scouts at the Ottawa Food Bank who sort the food donations as they come in. Purolator plays a big role in this food drive as they are the ones who go from store to store to pick up all the donations and deliver them to the eager Scouts awaiting in our warehouse.

This year, the food drive brought in
39,000 pounds of food and $12,460 in just one day.

Those donations will go a long way to help members in our community move beyond hunger. Thank you to everyone involved and all who donated.

Scouts Ottawa Food Bank

(Photo credit: @Marksworld1)


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