(Un)Affordable Housing and Hunger: OAFB Quarterly Report


The Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB) has released their quarterly report with emphasis on (Un)affordable Housing and Hunger. In it you will find updated information on Ontario’s housing crisis, its relationship to hunger and food bank use, and their recommendations for change.
We agree that housing is a huge issue for people in Ontario, and individuals and families in our own city. For most people who turn to food banks, the biggest problem is access to decent affordable housing. In Ottawa and across Ontario, there is a compound problem: fewer rental units being built and skyrocketing rent rates. In Ottawa, the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment is $982, the highest in Ontario after the Greater Toronto Area.


See OAFB’s full report here:
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For many, the cost of rent and food alone leaves hardly enough for any other expenses – let alone a savings account in case of emergency. The table below shows what is left over every month after paying for rent and a food, according to the Ottawa Public Health’s 2017 Nutritious Food Basket report.



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