Ottawa Food Bank Special Events

Position Details

Position Title: Event Representative
Supervisor: Events Manager or Events Coordinator
Purpose: To help our Events Team successfully execute Ottawa Food Bank events
Time Commitment: Varies depending on specific scheduled event; often on weekends and evenings. Typically, 3-4 hours per shift.

Tasks, Duties, & Responsibilities

  • Collect food and funds at events
  • Thank donors
  • Help set up and tear down event displays
  • Educate the public on how the Ottawa Food Bank benefits the community

Qualifications, Skills, & Requirements

  • Enjoy working with the public
  • Able to lift 20 lbs. is an asset
  • Bilingualism an asset
  • Must follow directions of event staff
  • Minimum age to volunteer at most events is 14 years
  • Minimum age to volunteer with supervision: children volunteering with family members, at select events, should be able to participate in the volunteer activity for the required shift length.

Health & Safety Requirements

  • Follow health and safety directions provided by staff
  • Must abide by the Ottawa Food Bank’s cash handling policy

Benefit to You

You’ll gain experience as an event representative, while working with the public.

Benefit to the Ottawa Food Bank

Event Representatives assist our staff and give the Ottawa Food bank increased visibility in the community.

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