We are very thankful for our member agencies

We’ve made it through Black Friday, Cyber Monday and GivingTuesday. It’s now time for Thankful Thursday and we have a BIG thank you give.

THANK YOU to our incredible member agencies who work tirelessly to ensure their communities are cared for. Across the city, the staff and volunteers at these programs are the front line in emergency food support – but what they represent is so much more.

To individuals who walk into a food program, these teams of staff and volunteers represent hope; they represent the kindness and generosity of others. They represent being a good neighbour.

We are honoured to work with 112 food programs across the city who collectively work hard to help over 39,000 people every single month.

These programs have a wide range of purposes from shelter and meal programs, to after school programs and community food banks – to name a few.

Member agencies working hard to do more

This network of food programs goes above and beyond to provide their neighbours with the resources and services they need.

With government supports failing to adequately help clients, our member agencies have stepped up to fill the gaps and ensure people walk away with more than food.

To the right is a sample of wrap-around serves provide through food programs across the city.

  • 29 of member agencies have a community kitchen
  • 20 of member agencies have a community garden
  • 25 of member agencies offer budgeting and financial literacy assistance
  • 33 of member agencies have cooking programs specifically for children and youth
  • 44 of member agencies offer Mental Health services
  • 16 of member agencies offer child care

From everyone at the Ottawa Food Bank to everyone who has a role to play at a
community food program across the city – THANK YOU.

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