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  • On October 8, 2015
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My family used the food bank when I was a kid. My father had PTSD, difficulty keeping employment, and eventually succeeded ending his life. Through all that he was still a pretty great father. My mother worked all the time and I remember a time when we could not afford TV let alone a crappy car. So we often went without food. We received Christmas donations and used the food bank a few months a few different times. Even though asking for help was tough on my parents, it would have been worse not having any options to provide for the family. My parents often volunteered at the food bank and took us with them. I think the food bank provided way more than a full belly to my family. It provided hope, feeling valued, and community spirit - which profoundly affects the life of a child. - Online Donor

A donor’s story of childhood hope
  • Posted by Ottawa Food Bank
  • On October 6, 2015
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As a wedding favour to our guests we decided to donate instead of giving something to them.

-Online Donor

Wedding Favour


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