Hunger in Ottawa

We’re experts on the impact of hunger in Ottawa and how to address it.

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each day
0 tons
it costs at least $868/month
to adequately feed a family of four
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of Ottawa Food Bank
clients are families with children.
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local agencies help feed
over 39,000 people each month

Stories of Those Who’ve Moved Beyond Hunger

J.P and his wife. The ground beef J.P. was able to get from the Ottawa Food Bank every month gave him the strength to get through his monthly cancer treatments.

J.P. has been coming once a month for years. One day he told us that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Knowing this was going to be an especially difficult time for J.P., the people at the Ottawa Food Bank agency made sure there was always a packet of ground beef set aside for him every month. He used it to make spaghetti sauce and chili and was an expert at making it last as long as possible. 

J.P told them that ground beef gave him the strength to stay alive. In fact, J.P’s cancer is in remission. He credits his good health entirely to the ground beef that the Ottawa Food Bank provides. To J.P, “Every spoonful of that ground beef was full of love and that love was what kept me alive.”

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