The greatest measure of our success is our clients’ ability to succeed.

How it Helps

Because we purchase food items in such large quantities from our exceptionally generous food industry partners, every dollar we receive has 5 times the buying power. That means that every dollar we receive feeds 5 times the people in our community.

Every $10 you donate provides $50 worth of nutritious food to help Ottawa families at risk of hunger. Your gift helps families get beyond hunger and find success in their lives.

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Cashing in investments such as Shares and Mutual Funds may trigger capital gain tax. Canada Revenue Agency, however, has introduced a way for donors to offset this impact, and realize significant tax savings, by donating shares directly to a charity such as the Ottawa Food Bank. This, therefore, is a beneficial option to selling securities and donating the cash.
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Planned giving is a great way to make a lasting impact on reducing local hunger in our community. It’s a gift that lasts beyond the donor’s lifetime, and can provide significant tax benefits.

Our planned giving program allows you to make a gift through life insurance, securities, or a bequest. Take a look at the different options below, and contact us to learn more.

The Gift of a Bequest

Naming the Ottawa Food Bank as a beneficiary in your will allows you to make a larger gift than you might have thought possible and bequest provides charitable tax credits for your estate.

The Gift of Life Insurance

The Ottawa Food Bank can be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy with the benefits of that policy going directly to the Ottawa Food Bank upon death. This arrangement ensures that the proceeds do not pass through your estate, thereby circumventing probate. This entitles your estate to the tax benefit.

Setup a Plan

Hunger isn’t seasonal. While we tend to receive a lot of donations over the holiday season, which we greatly appreciate, we provide food to hungry people throughout the Ottawa region year round.

Unfortunately, there are months where cupboards get pretty bare.

When you become a monthly donor, you know that you’re helping hungry people get the food they need, regardless of the season.

Monthly donations provide predictable funding to the Ottawa Food Bank and automatic withdrawals reduces cost and paper waste.

Become a monthly donor. 

Your donation will be processed monthly and a receipt for income tax purposes will be issued to you at the end of the calendar year.

Why not donate to the Ottawa Food Bank on behalf of someone you love? Give a donation to the Ottawa Food bank instead of a birthday present. We will send a personalized card from you to the address you give us. A charitable tax receipt for income tax purposes will be emailed to you immediately.

Note, according to rules set in place by the Canada Revenue Agency, tax receipts for In Memoriam and In Honour donations can only be issued to the original donor.

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How it Helps

The bowl of cereal that fills a child’s stomach, the can of soup that warms an elderly person, the lunch that sustains the person working hard at finding employment—these are the situations that make the work we do so rewarding. Help the Ottawa Food Bank fight hunger by giving food.

Drop off your donation at one of our drop-off locations or at the Ottawa Food Bank. Consider holding a food drive with friends, in your workplace or at your school. To learn more about holding an event, please visit our events page, or call 613-745-7001.

Food We Gratefully Accept

Non-perishable, nutritious food items such as canned meats and vegetables, cereal and rice are easy to store and deliver to our member agencies. Take a look at this list to see what kind of food our clients need most, or if you’d prefer to donate money, click here. Ontario’s Donation of Food Act, 1994 absolves any food donor (individual or corporate) from liability when the food is donated in good faith.

Drop off these non-perishable food items at one of our drop off locations

Most needed items:

  • Canned Fish, Meat & Stews
  • Canned Vegetables & Fruit
  • Cereal (Whole Grains)
  • Dry Pasta & Sauce
  • Baby Diapers
  • Baby Formula
  • Household Products
  • Juice (Boxes or Cans)
  • Legumes (Canned or Dried)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Rice
  • Snacks (Think Nutritious!)
  • Soup

Call us to pick up these perishable foods:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetable
  • Bread
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Butter

Food Drop Off Locations – Postal Code Lookup

Food we cannot accept

We want to ensure all your donations make it to the tables of those in need, so to prevent waste please avoid donating the following:

  • Vitamins
  • Over the counter medications (i.e. Tylenol, Advil etc.)
  • Home baked-goods or food prepared in a home environment
  • Personally wrapped meats
  • Opened food items, or food not in its original container/packaging
  • Candy and snack food items in packaging that can easily be tampered with or contaminated (i.e. individual raisin boxes,  foil-wrapped treats etc.)

When donating snacks please keep in mind that a nutritious treat is always preferred.

*The above standards are put in place by Food Banks Canada, and are to be utilized by all food banks and food programs.

How It Helps

Our biggest donors are the people who donate their time – our volunteers. Volunteers help us fight hunger in the community by assisting us in the work we do. The feeling of been an integral part of getting food to those who need it in our community is unmatched.

Volunteers donated 21,107 hours of their time in 2014-2015.

Run a food drive with your office, classroom, or community group and help families in need across Ottawa.
Sign up for the Holiday Food Drive today!