Coupons for Hunger at the Ottawa Fall Home Show

In 2011, Tonia Richardson had 10 boxes of free crackers through couponing and knew she couldn’t eat them all and decided to give some to charity. That was the light bulb moment for Tonia who soon partnered with Colleen Lindemann (a fellow couponing enthusiast) and Coupons for Hunger was born.

Since 2011, these coupons angels have redeemed over $47,000 worth of groceries through coupon drives, rallying local London, Ont, volunteers, putting up coupon drop boxes in public libraries. Their goal is to donate 1 million dollars worth of groceries to those struggling financially – 1 Million Goods challenge.

[blockquote]The 1 Millions Goods challenge is launching at the Ottawa Fall Home Show Sept 24th-27th and we encourage anyone who is going to the show to bring as many coupons as they can find. Because at the end of the show, Coupons for Hunger will donate all the redeemed goods to the Ottawa Food Bank. The more coupons they have, the more they can redeem and donate to the Ottawa Food Bank. So. Bring. Your. Coupons.[/blockquote]

Coupons for Hunger will be at booth 1308 all four days to collect your coupons. There will also be a giveaway for 2 $200 LNBF gift cards to those who are dropping off coupons.

Can coupons help fight poverty? YES!!!


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