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Heading into the holidays, a heads-up for all those wonderful souls looking to support the Ottawa Food Bank: from December 22, 2023, to January 1, 2024, the Food Bank will be closed. So, if you’re planning to give a little extra during this time, here’s what you need to know;

  • If you’re thinking of donating stocks or securities, here’s the scoop: make sure to send in your completed donation forms by Friday, December 15.

This way, you’ll get a charitable receipt for 2023, making your generosity count for this tax year.

  • Donations of securities after December 15 will still be accepted but we can’t promise a receipt for 2023 due to the high volume we’re expecting.

If you're already given or plan to give through securities - DO NOT WORRY - Receipts for these gifts will be sent out in January.

We’re genuinely grateful for your support, no matter when your donation arrives!

Remember, giving isn’t just about gifts; it’s about sharing kindness and making a real difference. Every bit counts, whether donating, lending a hand, or spreading the word.

As we wrap up the year, let’s keep the spirit of giving alive and share a little warmth and hope with those who need it most. Amidst the holiday buzz, let’s not forget the incredible impact generosity can have on someone else’s life.

How to donate gifts of securities?

To donate these types of gifts, please fill out the form linked below. Please ensure the form is signed by the donor and returned to the Ottawa Food Bank.

Please note, this form will be used to issue the donor a tax receipt.

The procedure for donating the shares is as simple as transferring ownership of the securities from the donor’s account to the Ottawa Food Bank’s account.

This takes only a few days, and the value of your gift is determined by the closing price of the security on the day the securities are received into the Ottawa Food Bank’s brokerage account.


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