Hunger Action Month: EDUCATE

The first theme of Hunger Action Month is EDUCATE. This week we want to ensure our community knows what our role is in the city. We want you to know what YOU help us accomplish through your generous support.

Keep an eye on our social media for updates, and join in on the conversation! We want to hear what you have to say. Share our posts and help us inform everyone about food banks, food insecurity, and the Ottawa Food Bank. Make sure you use the hashtags #HungerActionMonth.

For further information about the Ottawa Food Bank’s reach, programs, and operations please take a look at our most recent Year in Review.

Are you a teacher?

It is important, but difficult, to teach students about hunger and poverty. Unless faced with it personally, it’s not something that many kids realize can happen in their own communities.

Food Banks Canada has created useful interactive videos, called Impossible Choices, that illustrate hunger and how people find themselves in need of support.

In each video, an actor delivers a monologue that tells the story of their character. At several points in each story, a decision must be made by that character, and the options are presented on screen — and you decide which action you would take in that situation. As you will discover, some choices are harder than others — and some choices feel almost impossible. Try it now.

Food Banks Canada also created a free, downloadable lesson plan for teachers to accompany the Impossible Choices tool. (Primary School Lesson Plan, High School Lesson Plan)


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