Neighbours helping neighbours

Though the Ottawa Food Bank focuses on food and groceries for those in need, every so often an opportunity is presented to help in a different way.

Recently, an anonymous donor approached us with a beautiful, brand new rocking chair. They really wanted this chair to be given to someone in need who uses a food bank.

After speaking with someone who works with food bank users first-hand, the perfect recipient was found; an elderly food bank beneficiary who still does what she can to help others in need.

“This elderly lady could not believe she was getting this gift, she just was silent. Then a big bright smile appeared on her face as she said, ‘never in my life have I owned a brand new chair’.”

In January, this woman has to undergo surgery that requires an extensive healing period. It will be of great comfort for her to come home and have such a nice resting spot for her to relax and heal.

Thank you to our donor. You have really made the day of someone deserving in our community.


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