Ottawa Hunger Report 2017: Fighting Hunger

…not just for the next meal, but for the next 10 years

This year’s Ottawa Hunger Report shines a light on not only what is happening in our own back yard, but also across the province and the country. In Ottawa, and nationally, the number of people turning to food banks has yet to fall below pre-recession 2008 numbers.

It must be pointed out that hunger and food bank use are not about a lack of food; hunger and food bank use are about a lack of income.

We must work closely with our community partners, member agencies, and national and provincial associations to make the changes needed to improve lives and fight poverty.

Join us in this conversation. Together we can make change happen.

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  1. i voulteer with one of the local food banks . i have also been active voulteer at the main centre. the need getting biggerv

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