Sodexo is Feeding Our Future

Thank you to Sodexo for once again partnering with the Ottawa Food Bank to help provide meals to children in Summer day camps this season.

Feeding Our Future is a program where Sodexo partners with community hunger relief organizations to provide meals to children in need who are out of school for the summer. This resourceful program donates food and labor necessary to provide nutritious meals to children in need.

[blockquote]This program, supporting 17 community programs and day camps, has helped nearly 600 children across the City of Ottawa, by distributing 13,534  healthy lunches – which included sandwiches, fruit, and juice boxes – complimented by our own KickStart extras.[/blockquote]

We would like to express our immense gratitude to the wonderful staff and volunteers at Sodexo for it such an amazing summer for children across the city.

Thank you also much be expressed to all of our member agency food programs across the Ottawa that were apart of this initiative once again. Thank you for all of your efforts and work in providing such great summer camps for children in your area.



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