Thank You, Callum!

Callum, four years old, was curious what the red donation bin at his grocery store was for. When Mom and Dad, Micheline and James, told him it is for giving food to those who are hungry, Callum immediately said he wanted to do a food drive! At the time, they decided to wait for the weather to get a little nicer before they hit the streets.

Now that it’s spring, Callum decided it was time! He powered up his Jeep, and went door-to-door with his parents asking his neighbours to give what they can to the Ottawa Food Bank.

Callum and his parents stopped by the Ottawa Food Bank warehouse today with their donation. This is an incredible story, but Callum isn’t stopping there; he has now encouraged and inspired his classmates to do the same! Thank you Callum!

Callum collecting food in his Jeep
Callum with proud parents, Micheline and James, at the Ottawa Food Bank

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  1. Hi,

    Callum is my grandson and I’m so proud of him! You should publish this article about him in the Ottawa Citizen so that people can see the power of one little person and maybe more people will get the idea and pay it forward.

    Thank you.
    Yvette Lalonde

  2. Callum is extraordinary to be so considerate to others at such a young age. Congratulations to their parents for doing such a fine job!

  3. To think at 4 years of age he has the conscience to help those in need. If everyone had the same inclination to do so on a daily basis, our communities and those less fortunate would be better off. Very inspiring, great job little guy and to the parents who are obviously imparting a sense of generosity in their son.

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