Ottawa Hunger Report 2023

The Ottawa Hunger Report 2023, titled Unravelling Threads: Ottawa’s Food Security Crisis, isn’t just numbers; it’s a clear picture of a community struggling with poverty. Hunger goes beyond an empty stomach; it affects families and individuals, making it hard for them to thrive. 

While the report recognizes positive changes in food banking, it insists that fixing the root causes of food insecurity needs more than quick fixes. It’s a strong call for the government to step in and make impactful policy change.

To make a real, lasting impact, the Ottawa Food Bank is urging a shift from just patching things up to a complete change in the system. Innovative ideas have helped, but the report says we need the government to step in and change the rules. It’s not just about feeding people today; it’s about making sure no one goes hungry in the future.

Mending the Net: What each of us can do to end food insecurity

Your support makes a difference. Explore the Ottawa Hunger Report 2023 to understand how food insecurity affects our city. Share what you learn to start conversations, raise awareness, and push for positive changes in policies. Help your friends, family, and community see the local impacts. By sharing the report, you become a voice for those who may not be heard.


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