Summer Nutrition Program: Allowing children to focus on Fun!

For many kids, summer is a time of fun, sun, and relaxation. But for some, it also means losing access to vital food programs that they rely on during the school year. That’s why the Ottawa Food Bank’s Summer Nutrition Program, an initiative that provides healthy food to children through the summer months, is so important.

This year, the Summer Nutrition Program started on July 4th and will run for 8 weeks. It partners with 26 programs, including summer day camps and Community Food Banks across Ottawa, reaching over 500 children a day, every weekday. The program aims to fill the gap left by the absence of school breakfast and lunch programs, which many low-income families depend on.

The food we provide is nutritious and kid-friendly, including fresh fruits (apples, pears, and oranges) and vegetables (carrots and baby cucumbers), Babybel cheese, yogurt, milk, apple sauce, and crackers. This food helps children get the vitamins, minerals, and energy they need to grow, learn, and play.

Children are the most vulnerable members of our society, and they deserve to have access to adequate food all year round.

According to our last Hunger Report, approximately 36% of people who use a food bank in Ottawa are children.

Together, we can ensure that no child in our city goes hungry this summer.


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