Thank you for your Thanksgiving kindness

Thank you to all who showed kindness and generosity over the Thanksgiving long weekend, as we held our Thanks for Giving Food Drive.

Because of you, we raised 30,346 pounds of food!

Thank you to the 22 grocery store locations who actively participated in our food drive. We appreciate your willingness to give us the space needed to food raise, and are overwhelmed by the dedication of those locations who go above and beyond and create pre-made donation bags. Thank you for caring about your community.

To the volunteers who so freely gave their time – THANK YOU. You have made a difference. We know your time is valuable, and we are beyond honoured that you chose to spend it by helping us and your neighbours.

Finally, thank you to all who donated. We do not take for granted the fact that you spent your money on food for someone you’ve likely never met. You have shown people who face food insecurity that the people in our city care about them. That means a lot.



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