Today is Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday is here! 

Giving Tuesday, which has been observed annually since 2012, is the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and is a day dedicated to giving back.

This day kicks off the gift-giving season for many of us. Join us in filling 2,000 fridges today, while giving back to your Ottawa community and celebrating the true spirit of the holidays.

Each month, thousands of visits to food banks are observed within Ottawa.

If you found some good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consider paying it forward to help ensure access to food for children and families in need. A gift of just $48 can provide enough food to fill a fridge for a family of four, for a day.

There are so many people in need of food throughout the holiday season. Thanks to Sobeys and their generosity, your gift will have 2X the impact this Giving Tuesday, as 1 full fridge becomes 2!

Due to the increased need – our goal is even higher this year.

Help us meet our goal by donating today!


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