Vegottawa Has Helped Us Provide 300 Tofurkey’s To Our Vegetarian & Vegan Friends

Thank you to Mark and the team at VegOttawa for helping us to provide Tofurky Roasts to vegetarian and vegan clients who find themselves having to turn to a community food bank this holiday season.

It is so important to not just provide food but to provide the food that fits people’s dietary and cultural needs. Thank you to VegOttawa for helping to make that possible.

Last year they purchased 114 Tofurky Roasts, and when the demand went up to 300 requests for Tofurky Roasts, VegOttawa did not hesitate to help proved that increased amount.

They have expressed interest in making this an annual occurrence, and we couldn’t be happier.

Below is a video of Mark at VegOttawa, describing their organization’s initiative.

Thank you so much!


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