As The Pandemic Carries On: COVID-19 Report

For many, March 2020 feels like it was both yesterday and a decade ago. This was when we all learned the Novel Coronavirus had reached Ottawa, and we had officially become part of the global pandemic.

While the impact has been felt greatly by some and modestly by others, there is no denying everyone’s everyday has changed. For food banks and their clients, that impact has been substantial.

When the pandemic began, it was evident there was going to be increased expenses to properly and safely provide for the member agency network and the community during a time of crisis. What was not clear was just how long the pandemic would last; this is still an unknown. Thanks to the incredible Ottawa community, and all who recognized that food banks needed extra support, we have been able to respond appropriately to this increase in demand.

The Ottawa Food Bank’s main role is to work in partnership with the network of 112 emergency food programs across the city to help them get food and supplies to their clients and community. Throughout the course of the pandemic, that role has stayed true – but with a little more innovation, collaboration, and ingenuity. 

Key points from the report:

  • We could not have done what we have without our member agency network, volunteers, supporters, and donors. THANK YOU to our amazing community!
  • The Ottawa Food Bank increased the amount of food distributed compared to the 2017-2018 timeframe by 33%.

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